Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Miss my mommy!

I have been feeling lonely .. very lonely!! Am i missing home? Or is it because am married? Or is it because am attached to my family a bit too much? I dont understand.. But am feeling lonely these days! Its as though... I've been cut off from the world around me! I was brought in a normal atmosphere just as everybody else has been brought up, but... I've been fed with unconditional love and affection..! There might be thoughts amongst you that.. "what extraordinary affection has she been exposed to? Even we've been exposed to the same? Probably.. even more than hers!!" Yes! You might be right.! Everybody has their own experiences be it happiness or Joy..! But then, I've been brought up in an environment, where in i was never questioned..I was never let down... I was never scolded... I was never restricted... There was always an fact a very big YES to anything i said...! I am so grateful to my parents for bringing me up this way! This has made me lead life happily...independently! But then, now... i feel really lonely! I feel as though, the world has forgotten my existence! I might be imagining! I might be hallucinating! I might be absolutely wrong... But then, i feel as though ... Whatever I've said so far... is right! People say... "Loneliness kills...Silence Kills..." This is absolutely true...This is happening to me! I am not sure, if time is the answer! But i definitely would say that as time heals .. this would also heal soon.. and am confident about it!

I am not sure, as to why i have blogged this... But then, loneliness confuses people! :( and yes.. am a victim! Void of friends... Void of people..! :(

Is this confusion? Is this hallucination... is this common to all... or is this the way people feel if they miss others!

Anyways... Mommy, I MISS U!! :( :( :(


  1. :-) this is the way when one misses mom dee.. don't worry.. you will feel okay as soon as you meet her :) don't think about feeling alone as much..just grab ur bags and go home for a day or two if possible! :)

    bring them to you? keep them near, if not with you.. ?

  2. Sunitha.This happens for everyone esp when u get married!!!I was in the verge of running away from chennai, as i didnt meet my parents for 4 months after my marriage.Then i took a vacation and then came to my home. best medicine is ake a vacation and go home and enjoy with Mommy!!