Sunday, December 19, 2010

Commitment, Responsibilities, Duties..!! What not?

Alright.. Now...What does my title mean? Commitment... Duties... Responsibilities..!! What has all these got to do?? I've been told by people that... if a principle is followed in life, if a life is led with commitment, if the duties are met and if all these are handled responsibly, then... Life turns out to be successful..!! Is this true? Do we gain lots.. if the life is handled this way...Principled.. Serious!!?? What is that all of you have to say for this?

Honestly speaking, i fall into the category of a principled person! I sketch out the activities on a daily basis and go by it dutifully... and yes,it does give me a personal satisfaction most of the times! But... late... i have been feeling,if i've gained true happiness? The answer to this happens to be a big and a firm "NO!!"

When i look back into my life, 5 years down the line.... i started counting the days when i've been truly happy. It actually made me realize that, i haven't been happy..or rather haven't been attaining personal happiness! When i pondered over the fact, i felt that... i've been dutiful... committed ...and responsible... and have done things selflessly for many...but have never tried to do something for myself...!

Alright, lemme cut the crap..and get down to what i had wanted to blog..!! :)

Its such that, a principled life might fetch you true happiness, but at the same time.. the principled life.. should ideally fetch the true personal happiness as well...! Time for yourself is ideally the key to a good life! What have u dreamt of becoming? Where are u in that process? How long would it take for you to get to what you actually want? Are we really... thinking of these on a daily basis? Do we work towards it? Not many of us do it...! [Pardon case I've offended any of you who is actually working on your passion...! :) ]

With all that I've seen for the past so many years, i would suggest that....if one realizes his/her passion and works towards it..with utmost... diligence... Personal Happiness comes to u... [Rather, u happen to get a peaceful sleep.. :)]

To give you guys a small example... I've always dreamt of writing, blogging and counseling people on how to approach life..!! Hmmm... that had been my passion as well..!! But then, did i do it? Nope! i was only procrastinating it...!I had not... given it a due thought... i did not even realize the fact that my words can comfort a person, until one fine day when my best buddy told me.. that he felt much relieved after speaking to me..!! It sounded nice.. and at the same time... lighted up my thought.. and yes... today here i am starting off with my passion... my blog.. after a long long time..!! and yes... it brought me so much of happiness.... personal happiness..... i feel that i am all set...into the groove...!!

When such a small action can bring in so much of joy to a person...imagine.. the amount of joy that one can attain....when one achieves his or her might think of this now... [Infact many of you might consider this to be pure crap... but then....this might help you in working better towards it....]

who knows? anything can happen..!!

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