Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What are we giving back?

Here i come again.. with a relatively smaller post this time! :) I would have to leave for work in another couple of mins... but i just thought that i could blog...before leaving!

It was just that.. i was driving down from work yesterday evening ... and was thinking abt the purpose of my living.. [Bah.. i do this often..:D] ... And suddenly it struck me..!! There was this question, that came up to my mind..! what have i given back to the society? There was a feel that started nagging me.. it said.. U have gained so much from this very society of yours.. but have u given anything in return? Why ave u not.. thought of doing something.. that gives u a lot of personal satisfaction at the same time... benefits one soul atleast???

I believe, most of you would have started to think to skip this blog of mine.. and go down to another page that's relatively interesting! :D Certain thoughts suddenly pop up and its difficult to erase them as well :D I've seriously began thinking as to what i should be doing productively once am back from work.. as, all that i do now is laze around and weekends are meant for shopping, eating, sleeping and lazing around..!

Yesterday, i did something productive.. i feel so happy about it....!! I called up an orphanage and found out if they require an english teacher for them, who is willing to spend few hours to teach the kids out there on weekends! :) Know what? They've asked me to come down this weekend..! :) Am happy that my new year would begin productively..!

Small things.. at times.. gives you so much of Joy!!

And yes... i've started to do something productive!! :) :)

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