Saturday, January 15, 2011

Am clueless!!

Alright, this one is to tell u guys that am clueless!! Absolutely clueless.. there has been a sudden fear on my career. Am i on the right track, right relationship, am i doing the right things, am i doing things right, what should be my path? What is my destiny? Hmmm.. am pretty clueless! But then, i do understand that i have to work on something! But what is that? Alright.. work towards my passion! But whats that? God.. am getting frustrated? I lost focus! Pretty... unsure of the direction that i have to chose in life!! Somehow, feeling messed up!

There are a couple of questions on my mind, but i somehow only keep piling up more questions than finding out the answers to them! Am i wasting too much of time? What should i do, to make my day more productive? How do i set my priorities? I guess to get an answer to all this.. i would first need to fix a goal..!! A short term one, rather!!

So, what would that be? It would be based on my interests!! So, whats that??? Ultimately, it all boils down to a question after a question!! I guess, if a draw a line, tracing all the requirements that i have [RTM, Requirement traceability matrix? :P Bah.. No!!.. Not here..:)]i might get transfixed on one??

Wondering why i wrote this? I guess, there might be many facing the same situation!! Probably.. if one of you would know how i could come out of this dilemma, let me know abt it.. would be great! :)