Friday, April 15, 2011

Are we to remain poor the rest of our Lives?

It was a fine sunny Saturday morning, and i was reading a book about, India then and India now. The facts and figures were quite amazing. It spoke about Dr.Radhakrishnan's reforms, Motilal Nehru's Westernized life style with forks and spoons, Jawaharlal Nehru's motive of oneness in the society, Indhira Gandhi's attempt to make that happen, Rajiv Gandhi's trial on bringing about the same, Gandhian principles, Lord Mountbatten's Comments and so on. I kept reading it line after line, page after page, kept looking at pictures and the time just flew. It was during this relentless reading, that i found the line, "If we are born poor in India, we are bound to stay poor all our life, and it also indicates, that our children wouldn't fare either." I was quite surprised on reading that on an Indian best-seller, written by a well acclaimed author! (Certain things are better maintained when not disclosed!! :D)

I kept reading it, and found the author justifying his statement. For a nation to improve, it should shift into an open access society! This society ensures that neither political nor economic power is fixed or 'inherited'. This comes about, when people innovate and unleash their creativity! He also said that this kind of an environment creates social stability, as people are bound to change their income levels and status! But this wasn't the case with India, says the renowned author!

True? The 'Leaders' of our nation (alright... why go up to nation.. lets narrow it down to one state.. :D) The 'Leader' of a state in India, is too very busy safe guarding his own family and his family or 'ancestral' property, leaving the entire state in agony! They fail to relinquish their throne, and pave way for a much younger and a sensible crowd to rule the state.. let alone their heirs!

People who voice against this (At least those who try to) realize that their attempt is futile and become reticent, leaving the less fortunate to endure this to their utter dismay! The state of all the state-run Schools, the power supply department, the government organisations when you think of only gives you a nightmare. The people, who are mediocre or much better off than the less fortunate, shift their glance to the private schools, private suppliers, gated communities, or emigrate to another country in search of a better life! This leaves, the state uncorrected and this goes on for centuries, and this makes the poor remain poor all their life??

What was the bottom line of all this! 'Corruption' - Oh! The most dreaded word in today's world, the one against which Anna Hazare is fighting! I then started to think about the difficulties that it creates. We stand tirelessly in queues when registering for a service with a We end up paying for a free service that a is entitled to provide. We are so very forced to an extent of not raising our voice against all this, lest we dont get our services done! We are forced to land up in a situation where in we cannot correct the present, as we dont have the power to do it. A mediocre or a rich family might have the afford-ability to get their services rendered, but what would the souls below the poverty line do? They end-up remaining poor?

Do we have an answer to this? Do we have the necessary support to voice our opinion against all this?

Does this mean that the poor are to remain poor all through their life?

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