Friday, August 19, 2011

Sexual Abuse...We aren't free from it yet!!

Where are we? Any-day, be it the newspaper that comes home, or the e-paper which i read at work.. has the headline.. "3 yr old minor raped by 4 men", "Girl abducted,assaulted, raped , Killed and thrown out on streets" ...! Where is the nation heading to? Alright this,is a plain and a simple blog of a 28 yr old.. who is frustrated by these many number of female infanticides and sexual abuses happening across the nation! I do not have much of data to substantiate argument, but all i have with me is the frustration that happens to women across the nation...!

U might ask me, these have been happening for a long time.. where were u then? In the Andaman Nicobar islands.. catching butterflies? Right... U r right.. :) :D

I guess, I've started to realize the gross truth that women aren't safe anywhere, coz of certain silly personal experiences that happens to many in the public transport that one takes to commute to work.. (Dont ask me what they are? :D... that needs a separate blog.. and i prefer to hone my skill... by writing more)

Minor girls raped by their own fathers, girls kidnapped and raped and thrown out on streets... girls abducted and imprisoned and raped for years together! Why? What pleasure do people get out of these? There are revolutions happening to stop Corruption (Totally Sensible and i Support Hazare ji's movement whole heartedly), but cant revolutions and reforms be started for this, the Sexual Abuses? For example - There are women welfare organisations... especially the one that won the "CNN Hero 2011 - Anuradha Koirala". I salute her.

Lokayukta - for each State, Similarly... 'SthriYukta' - a women welfare organisation, for every state, headed by top influential women, preferably Women Doctors, Lawyers, Women Civil Services people, Women Bank Officials, and Women CEO's...!! I do not know, if i make sense, however, when we talk so much about Women Rights, Women Empowerment, and so on, i felt that this topic which is shunned by many coz of fear and shame, should be discussed, at least... thought about.

Why did i post this today all of a sudden? I was reading the paper, as always today.. and happened to see an article on a sexual abuse done to a Mentally Challenged Female for years together.. and that flared up my frustration!

I might not have succeeded in convincing many of you on what my thoughts are! But am at least hoping that, there might be many like me, who are willing to voice their opinion on this!! Comments Welcome... :)

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