Friday, January 6, 2012

The Sleep Killer

Its been really long, since i’ve blogged..! Now that i’ve begun to find time.. i think, i might as well do something thats constructive! Hmmm, having said that.. i have started off my so-called “Constructive spending of time’ by blogging again.
I happened to read an article on how 80, 90 and 100 year old’s have taken to blogging, tweeting, FB’ing and so on.I was also a witness to the same on my train journey. I was travelling from Chennai to Coimbatore on a Morning train and my co-passenger happened to be this 86 yr old gentleman, who had this ‘SALT’ look! [When the usage of ‘SALT & PEPPER’ Look, has become the order of the day, why shouldn’t i start off with the new term ‘SALT’ looks! ] There was not even a single streak of Black on His head!! [Beauty salons, who does not do a great job in colouring should look at this gentleman’s head and understand the work of god! :)]. Alright, now getting back to the context… [I know, am useless when it comes to conveying something crisp]
I usually board the train, as soon as the train hits the platform.. Am an early bird u see! This gentleman, also, with all that brisk walk was trying to board the train with a luggage that is actually way too much to carry for his age!  The moment i got in, i helped him with his luggage and both of us, finally managed to settle down..! We instantly struck a chord and the conversation begun.. I was yapping on and on about myself, my parents, my bro’s kid.. and my life in chennai.. and so on.. Once i realised, that the man would soon go off into a deep slumber, i courteously asked his where-abouts too! [I know, what you guys’ve thought]. He started off by clearing his throat. He was a retired VP of some private bank, who had 3 sons and 2 daughters.. all married and settled in the US and UK (No wonder!!) and his wife had reached the Heavenly Abode. He stayed alone in the plush apartment of his at Alwarpet, with all the facilities (With Sons & daughters in the US and UK, what more can u expect?) and a maid at his peck and call, and also with a chauffeur driven vehicle. [Man.. that's Life!]. and after all this basic introduction about the family, the gentleman (let me name him X,am so bored of typing gentleman again and again) rather, Mr.X started talking about his fantasy for Cars. Gosh, the VP knew so much..!! I was amazed…when he was talking, i recieved a call from my friend (A perfect gadget freak)who wanted my opinion on whether he has to get a mobile now or not. I politely cut my friend off and told him that i would spk to him as soon as i reach home and began the conversation again with Mr.X. That was when i noticed that, Mr. X had taken out his Android Phone [Booo HOO.. i do not have one yet!  ] and was logged into his FB profile and was checking for updates..! He had also updated his status too “On my way to CBE..would be back in 2 days” :).. i heaved a sigh and looked out of the window.. thinking… Wow.. He has an android too..!! Life..sure does change…and my thoughts just raced past the mountains..! After a while, i realised that somebody was actually tapping my shoulder..i noticed that it was Mr.X, who was actually waking me up, coz the food had come. I opened the food tray attached to my seat.. and laid out a paper.. on which i asked the person to lay the tray down. I then realised that Mr.X had not got his food, and i was about to call the person, when Mr.X told me..”I dont eat this dear.. I have my lunch packed.”He pulled out his zip lock bag, out he took a Home-made veg burger, and some bread sticks.. and a bottle of Coke” I was like.. “Wow.. !! nOt bad at all..” He laid it out on his tray.. and then pulled out his tab, wore his glasses and navigated the screen without any difficulty and began watching MI3..! That was when i realised . “Wowy.. this man does know to enjoy life”..!
I then.. closed the food.. on the pretext that i wasnt hungry.. pulled my blankets up.. covered my face.. and went down into a deep thought.. This man embraced technology! He was living with it, enjoying it to the maximum extent possible…! He was connected to people throughout…His world was virtual… I wasn’t sure of the purpose of his visit to Coimbatore, but from the enthusiasm portrayed and from the telephone conversations.. he had made with his relatives.. am sure.. it was for a wedding. He was alone..leading a life just with his chauffer and his maid…but there wasn’t a slightest hint of loneliness on his attitude. He seemed to enjoy life… thanking nature for the every bit of help she has done to him..! Where was I? Got so many people around.. Lots of friends.. money to flaunt with… Health to enjoy life with… and a job to get myself occupied with.. Yet.. i am in a state of utter loneliness.. unsure as to what am doing ! I end up stressing myself, pressurising myself to an extent that.. it turns out to be pure cruelty when i express myself to others! [Self Realisation…  Tee hee..]Hmm.. He was 86 and am not even half his age.. but i realised that my hairs were almost like his..[Salt and Pepper look?? ]Why all this when my age which is actually bound to be enjoyed, learn new things, meet people and explore the world have to be wasted with stress.. which brings about nothing but a loss of charm and happiness in life? [Each time, i meet somebody like this.. i have this question in me..  but have i incorporated this into my life… Naaaaah..!!]
After this deep pondering, i decided to imbibe this into my daily routine..  [I really dont know.. for how long!].. We reached Coimbatore.. After waving each other a bye, i went down the stairs.. and met my dad [Who religiously picks me up from the station every time] and after all the courteous exchanges.. we started walking to the parking lot, and i started talking about Mr.X to him. I also, told him about my plan to LIVE LIFE with a lot of ZEAL [I did get a wierd look from him :P]. We drove back home, had a great lunch prepared by my Mommy dearest, yapped for a while and we decided to take a nap. I decided to check my mails, and then hit the rug for a good sleep..! [A grave mistake!! :)]. I swtiched on my Comp, After all notifications, warnings and disk checks, it booted to life and i logged on to my Office E-Mail.
There, i had got a Mail from my superior on my Appraisal Ratings..!! I opened the mail with a great deal of Enthusiasm [What Mr.X has transferred to me ]only to realise that the Enthusiasm which i showed to open the mail.. was no longer the same.. [:D].. It was on its way back.. to Mr.X at a top speed, waiting to hit him back!!
Where did all my ‘Self-Realisation’ go?? All gone.. deep down the drain..!  U think, i slept???